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Power of 3, LLC


What is Power of 3, LLC?

Over the last 20 years I have developed youth and adult athletes, students at the club, high school, collegiate, and international level.  During that time period, I have been able to instill my signature philosophy of the three P’s – Prior Proper Planning – that is based around organization, professionalism and communication.  The three P's prevent the two P's - Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance - which instill good habits that teach athletes and coaches about time management and etiquette.

Power of 3, LLC was designed to develop individuals into successful balanced athletes and coaches.

Due to these assets and experiences, my goal is to teach you and your program the basic fundamentals in order to obtain a balanced healthy physical program.  

I am balanced, organized, disciplined, and have solid listening and communication skills.  I am truly engaged by new challenges and have the ability to adapt to change quickly.