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Phone discussion before meeting:

What is the theme or goal the coaches will get out of this clinic?

How can I provide direction to improve the program?


What will the athletes and parents learn about P3 mentoring college process?
How can I provide guidance to the college process you are currently in?

Professional Development for High School Coaches:

Power of 3's program of professional development for rowing coaches offers training and evaluation opportunities that equip the coaches with advanced knowledge to work with their athletes.


  • Observe and learn about your program from the launch or land and begin with a simple Q & A.
  • Video Analysis
  • Teaching Technique & Skill Breakdown
    • Water & Land
  • Organization Lesson/Training Plans
    • Incorporating Proper Communication Skills with the Athletes
  • Three development sessions recommended per quarter in a school year
    • Fall, Winter, Spring
      • Feedback encourages the coaches to continue with learning, growth and development.

Student/Athlete Mentoring College Process:

Power of 3 expectations for the mentoring program are guiding high school student-athletes about what is the right FIT vs. BETTER school.  Helping them create a plan for finding the right fit both academically and athletically. 


  • Have an idea
    • What do you want?
    • What are you capable of achieving to find success?
  • Create a plan
  • Research and learn
    • A school where a student-athlete can contribute and the academics would be challenging but not all-consuming
  • Structure emails and set up phone calls
  • Learn proper communication skills
  • How to stay professional by being calm, cool and collected during tough scenarios
  • Having FUN during the entire process
  • Learning about the transition from high school athletics to college

Coaching Education & College Mentoring

As your guest coach/teacher I would be working within the walls of your program. This can be from teaching drills, proper land exercises, communicational skills, video analysis, college recruiting tutorials for both athletes and parents.  Each club or high school would have a custom fit program.

  • FIND P3PE at Sherman Mills

  •                        3502 Scotts Lane Unit 101 B Philadelphia, PA 19129
  •                              www.priorproperplanning.com • 650-278-0307


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