P3PE Offers:

Rental Space for Training

Special Events

Erg Classes

Fitness Classes

Personal Training

Drop in to erg/bike or weight train

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Who?  P3PE will provide a training space for programs that do not have a dedicated home.  High schools, Dragon Boat Clubs, Community Rowing Programs, Guest Lecturers/Specialized Presenters and Group setting vs. Individual Setting.



The School Motto-Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance-which will teach all students the importance of communication, organization, and professionalism.

P3PE is a space for group training that has the technology for classes, clinics, and seminars.  P3PE is more than a simple fitness gym - it is a schoolhouse dedicated to physical education

       P3PE Teachers Present:          What To Do While In Quarantine...

Why? The Power of 3, LLC (P3) has grown steadily from when its started in September 2015 with a small home office.  It was originally a company that did not need its own space to one that does now.  P3PE now is a home for group training and skill development teaching.

What? The Power of 3, LLC School of Physical Education (P3PE) was formed in order to cultivate an atmosphere for athletes, teachers, and coaches to learn the fundamentals of skill breakdown and training.

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  •                        3502 Scotts Lane Unit 101 B Philadelphia, PA 19129
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