"Cassandra was my personal trainer from 2009 to 2012, until she moved to the east coast for a new job. She was a fantastic motivator! I really looked forward to our sessions because I knew I'd get a better workout than I ever got working out on my own. She was really good at rallying my attitude if I wasn't in the mood because of rain or some such. She worked out a great regimen tailored exactly to my needs, and adjusted over time so that I progressed tremendously. I am always grateful for the strength I gained while working with her. I can also say she is now my friend. She is very trustworthy and full of joy and life, and a pleasure to be around. I am sure that is what made the workouts feel so easy."

- Kristen Ankiewicz
San Fransisco

“At first, I didn't think I needed a recruiting coach. However, near the end of the process, time was running out and I was very stressed. My coach recommended Coach Cunningham to me, and she was so helpful! She did not communicate to college coaches for me, but rather helped me articulate my thoughts to the coaches. She helped me with what types of questions to ask and really stressed that I “keep the ball in my court” instead of allowing the college coaches to control me – a very important part of the final decision-making. It was great to get a new perspective from her and, while talking with her about what I liked/didn’t like about schools, I was able to make a decision. I definitely recommend Coach Cunningham!”

- Power of 3 Client

"Cassandra is a great coach for old and young alike...she whipped my 50+ years old butt into shape and helped me locate my abs - I had no idea what my "core" was .   She got me so motivated I was at class at 6am and I am not a morning person.  I am still doing Pilates 2 to 3 times a week.  Her energy is infectious."

- Maureen Hurley
Fitness group class in SF

"I learned from you about communication and persistence when trying to advocate for yourself."

       -'17 HS P3 Client

"I was introduced to Cassandra almost 3 years in San Francisco. From the first time we met we connected instantly. She has an amazingly energetic personality and you know anytime you speak with her that you have her full attention. She is a pleasure to work with and a truly excellent trainer. Cassandra is the perfect combination of tough and supportive, and she works with the whole person - mentally, emotionally and physically. I miss her in SF but I am very proud of her accomplishments and know she's only getting started. When you meet someone as special as Cassandra you know you have a friend for life."

-Deirdre Cassidy: Mother of Kate Cassidy


Please take a moment to review our testimonials.  We are committed to our process and enjoy the kind words our clients send our way.

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"Coach Cunningham worked with myself and my coaching staff during a three-day clinic. Her ability to connect so quickly with the staff and athletes is uncommon, and it allowed her to make a lasting impact on our organization. Cassandra's expertise in both technical rowing and club management makes her the ideal choice in further developing our coaching staff and organization. Her work has added significant value to DePaul Rowing; we look forward to continuing to learn and better ourselves through our interactions with Coach Cunningham."

- William Scherba
Director - DePaul University Rowing Club

"My time in the launch with Cass was a great experience. Havaing the opportunity to watch and listen how she gives feedback, teaches technique, and manages a practice has helped me improve my own coaching. She was always willing to answer any of my questions regarding why or how she did things a certain way and I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their coaching."

-Alex Urbanik: Newport Rowing Club

(Alex was fulfilling his 20hrs of mentoring to complete his Level II Coaching Certification.)

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"I don't know anyone with more experience at every level of rowing than Cassandra. I have had my fair share of coaches at the highest collegiate level, but no one instills a clear sense of passion and determiniation like Cassandra. There is nothing she wants more than to have a little fun, but won't sugar coat the consistent focus and grit it takes to succeed in rowing. She understands the sport from every perspective, and teaches it from every angle."

-Brian dunn:

'06 Junipero Serra High School 

Multiple medal winner at Southwest Regional Championships including '06 men's lighweight 8+ 

'10 Columbia University Graduate-4 year oarsman.

"You coached me at Dev B camp and Jr. High performance camp in 2009 and 2008. 2008 was my first year rowing and I had been really good on my novice team-- however, I was quickly brought back to earth at Dev B camp. I remember those grueling core workouts and erg sessions and I think the lesson I lerned there was that if you let yourself get out of shape, you'll quickly get left behind at those sorts of camps. I think in 2009 at HP camp I truly learned the importance of prior, proper, planning, when I forgot to bring my passport to camp and have to have my mom overnight it to me before we left for Germany! You made me very aware that could have been a huge logistical disaster. I think that was the first time a coach was very frank with me about my lack of organization and I was definitely better for it in the end (thank you!). One thing you definitely reinforced for me as a mentor was that hard work pays off. I think that you ahve a "tough love" sort of approach that is important for young girls to experience-- I think sometimes people/athletic mentors can underestimate how strong young women are and the amount of honesty they can take, and are hesitant to be tough on them. You have always been great about being honest without being mean and I think that makes you very respectable as a mentor and an awesome one at that."

-Aggie Nowinski:

'14 California Berkely, NCAA National Champion, 2010 World Champion Silver Medalist JRW4

2014 U23 World Champion W 8+, 2014 U23 World Champion Silver Medalist W2